You didn’t think your work was over did you?

After waiting weeks to close, providing piles of documents, and signing countless forms the home you dreamed of is finally yours. Yes the buying process is over, but the hard work isn’t and I’ve compiled a list to help. The new home owners checklist should help guide you into a smooth transition.

Change the locks
You never know who might have a key to your home and it’s important to re-key the home ASAP to prevent unlawful access.

Hook up utilities
Contact your local utility providers to set up service. Some providers will require the deed before activating service. The most common items are electricity, gas, water, trash/sewage, cable, and internet)

Change your address
Visit your local post office and grab a change of address package. The package comes with coupons for home related services and items like hardware stores, window coverings, and moving supplies.

Replace batteries in smoke and CO2 alarms
The batteries may be working currently, but you have no idea when they were replaced.

Map the circuit breaker
Before moving everything in the home; locate the circuit breaker and label it. This can help you with troubleshooting problems later.

Find the water and gas shutoff valves
Finding this will shorten the time it takes stop a gas leak or plumbing disaster.

Create a House Binder
Organizing documents associated with your home will help with future problems. The items listed below are important, but they are rarely looked at and often get lost.

Items to include in the binder

  • Notes, Deeds, and Contracts from the purchase
  • Contact information of all parties involved (Lender, Realtor, Insurance, Escrow, Title, etc)
  • Appliance Information (Manuals, Receipts, Service/ Warranty info)
  • Utility account and contact numbers (Water, Cable, Trash, Electricity)
  • Neighbor’s name and phone numbers
  • HOA bylaws and contact info
  • Irrigation pipe layout
  • Insurance Policies

First Aid and home safety
Make sure the home has safety items like flashlights, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit.

Congratulations on your new home purchase!

Jeff Womack

Jeff Womack

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