GSFA Platinum Program | Down Payment Assistance

GSFA Platinum Program | Down Payment Assistance

The GSFA Platinum Program is designed to provide down payment assistance in conjunction with the purchase of a primary residence in California.

The Platinum program offers down payment assistance in the form of a grant. The program provides a 3% grant that doesn’t have to be repaid. Both first time home buyers and existing home owners may use the program so long as they occupy the new home as a residence.

This program is only available to NHF approved lenders, who have gone through an extensive training on guidelines, qualifying, and process.  You can view the APPROVED lenders HERE


Q. Whats the minimum credit score?Moving In


Q. What are the income limits for the program?

The income limits are posted HERE

Q. What are the minimum DTI ratio’s?

45% MAX Total Debt To Income

Q. Can I use this grant with an investment property?

No, This program can only be used with FHA, VA, and USDA and they don’t offer non-owner occupancy programs.

Q. Can I use this money toward my down payment?

Yes, grant funds can be used for both closing costs and down payment

Q. Who runs the program?

National Homebuyers Fund®, Inc. (NHF) who is a non-profit public benefit corporation.

Q. Why can’t I pick my interest rate?

The Platinum Program offers the 3% grant but also sets the interest rate. You can find the current rate HERE

Q. Do I need to pay the 3% back at any time?

No, this is a grant and money doesn’t have to be repaid



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